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West Australia Gyms and Clubs

Albany Liani Boxing and Fitness, 344 Middleton Loop, Albany, West Australia, Australia
Balcutta Harry's Gym/Boxing After Dark Promotions, 14 Cressal Rd., Unit 2a, Balcatta, 6021, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 9240 8678, Fax: (08) 9240 8679
Balga Balga Boxing Club, Balga, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 92781607, Mobile: 0402961468
Balga St Kilda Boxing Club, 19 Poinings Way, Balga, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 08 9349 4481
Beaconsfield  Fremantle Boxing Club, Beaconsfield, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9337 6601, Mobile: 0415158883
Beechboro  Devellerez Gym, Beechboro, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9377 5535, Mobile: 0410474912
Bibra Lake  Hardfist Boxing Club, Bibra Lake , West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9418 8818, Mobile: 0411126557
Boulder Boulder Boxing Club, Boulder, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 90932806, Mobile: 0409537818
Byford Byford Boxing Club, 18 John Crescent, Byford, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 08 9525 1073
Claremont  Claremont Boxing Club, Claremont , West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9286 3581, Mobile: 0427789654
Doubleview  Sunset Coast, Doubleview , West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9245 4000, Mobile: 0419345400
Dunsborough Bay Boxing, Dunsborough, West Australia, Australia, Mobile: 0407 751520
Dunsborough  Dunsborough Boxing Club, Dunsborough, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9756 8218, Mobile: 0419929915
Forrestfield Armadale Boxing Club, Forrestfield, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 9453 (08) 9176 or 0419955731 (Cell)
ForrestField Forrestfield Boxing Club, ForrestField, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 9453 (08) 9671 or 0411557164 (Cell)
Fremantle  Steve's Boxing Club, Fremantle , West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9417 8803, Mobile: 0403937293
Geraldton  Geraldton Boxing Club, Geraldton , West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9921 4442, Mobile: 0438214442
Gosnells Gosnells PCYC, Cnr Lower Park rd & Alloa st Maddington, Gosnells, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 08 94591168
Harvey Harvey PCYC, Harvey, WA, Australia, Ph: 0428123028 (Cell)
High Wycombe Anvill Allens Boxing Club, High Wycombe, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 94544564
Innaloo Boxabout Boxing Club, Innaloo, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9446 2667, Mobile: 0417936707
Kingsley  Fazio's Boxing Club, Kingsley, West Australia, Australia
Kingsway  KO Gym, Kingsway , West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 93052790
Kwinana  Kwinana Boxing Club, Kwinana, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 94391078
Maddington Gosnells PCYC, Cnr Lower Park Rd & Alloa St., Maddington, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 94591168
Mandurah  Mandurah Boxing Club, Mandurah, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9586 2162
Mandurah  Mandurah City Boxing Club, Mandurah, West Australia, Australia, Mobile: 0414542404
Margaret River Body Club, 45 Station Road, Margaret River, WA, Australia, Ph: 08 9758 8866
Midland lly Bates, Midland, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 9294 3064
Midland  Midland PCYC, Midland, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9274 1918, Mobile: 0410698397
Midland  Wally Bates, Midland, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9294 3064
Noranda  Shimbo Acad Boxing Club, Noranda, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9275 8856, Mobile: 0409327195
Northam  Northam PCYC, Northam, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 9622 2205, Mobile: 0409296902
Osborne Park Bradricks Gym, 29 O'Malley Street, Osborne Park, West Australia, Ph: 61 8 9 4462025, Fax: 61 8 9 4462325, Email: or
Pinjarra  Pinjarra Boxing Club, Pinjarra, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 95314461
Rockingham  Daly's Gym, Rockingham , West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 9592 5996
Safety Bay  Waikiki Boxing Club, Safety Bay, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 9593 1127
Scarborough Boxing WA Inc., 43 Andrew St., Scarborough, WA, 6019, Australia, Ph: 0418 572 544
Scarborough  West Coast Boxing Club, Scarborough, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 9245 2790, Mobile: 0418572544
Spearwood  Westside Boxing Club, Spearwood, West Australia, Australia, Ph: (08) 9434 34 or 0405105149 (Cell)
Stearwood Cockburn Boxing Club, Joe Cooper Recreational Centre, Pomfred Road, Stearwood, West Australia, Australia, Ph: 08 9419 3857
Subiaco Subiaco Boxing and Fitness, Subiaco PCYC, 450 Rockeby Rd., Subiaco, WA, Australia, Ph: 0411 078 670 or (08) 9388 2053
Victoria Park Boxing For Fitness, 627 Albany Hwy. Victoria Park, West Australia, 6100, Australia, Ph/Fax: +618 9472 3221, Email:
Victoria Park Greenwoods Boxing Club, 627 Albany Hwy. Victoria Park, West Australia, 6100, Australia, Ph/Fax: +618 9472 3221; 0419 929 131 (mobile), Email:
Wangara Spear Dojos, Unit 3/ 12 Buckingham Drv., Wangara, WA, 6065, Australia, Ph: (08) 9409 4172
Waroona Waroona Boxing Club, Waroona, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 97331048 or 9304 0236
Wonthella Geraldton PCYC, Wonthella, WA, Australia, Ph: (08) 99211317

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