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Jorge's Corner
The Voice of Boxing in Central and Northern California

Jones Vs Tarver

Las Vegas Nevada
May 15, 2004

The king is dead.... long live the king.  How the mighty have fallen, and dam was that a surprise ending. I was amongst those who believed Jones would out class Tarver.  However, when Don King gave Jones the title of Superman, he must have forgotten about Kryptonite.

In all humbleness, I have been saying for years Jones got away with stuff no one else would try, because of balance and hand speed. But he had no fundamentals, and took unbelievable risks.  It was as I said, just a matter of time before a lucky punch, like the sloppy shot Tarver threw, would knock him out. I am disappointed and surprise that Emanuel Steward called it a ďplanned, perfect punchĒ.  Sadly, Jones has inspired countless fools to imitate him with dire consequences. I have said a hundred times, there is only one Roy Jones.  When I see fighters holding their hands down, and doing that crazy chicken fighting thing with their heads, I laugh, because I know its only a matter of time.  Every one of those guys has eventually met a boxer with basic boxing fundamentals and suffered the same results. Remember Princes Hamed, and Barrera. Weíve not heard a word form the loudmouth princes, maybe he kissed a frog and grew warts. 

I wonder what Roy must be feeling. The only thing harder that climbing to the top is getting knocked off so easily. He must be devastated.  He gambled and lost.  His advisors have worked themselves out of a job. They failed him.  I understand no one believed Tarver could knock him out. However, if someone had taught Roy boxing fundamentals, he might still be the king. Although I seriously doubt Roy would have listened.  As things are now, he joins the ranks of defeated super stars like Tyson, Hagler, and Hearns. Iíve met Hearns, heís still pissed off at Sugar Ray and Tyson hides his face with tattoos. Too bad, a little more respect for his opponents, better coaching, and just one honest person amongst those surrounding him, might have saved Roy from a humiliating defeat. Let it be a lesson, everyone, no matter how powerful, or rich needs at least one honest person to keep him grounded to reality.  Not blowing smoke up your wazoo all day long. Please. Why would a grown, mature man, need someone walking beside them saying such nonsense.≤ You're the best, pound for pound ď, repeatedly ad nauseum. Please, cheerleaders donít even work in football, thatís for high school. You think the Raiders really listen to their noise. 

On the other side there is Antonio Tarver; man, this guy makes talking a contest. If there were an Indy 500 of blabbermouths, heíd be top dog.   I donít believe he won the first fight and I donít understand why Jones let Tarver goat him into a rematch.  I donít believe Tarver will be the champion Jones was, nor do I believe he will be around long. I do believe Boxing, once again proved why it is, as George Foreman said is ď the sport other sports aspire to be ≤. This fight will go down as a major upset, worthy of all the attention. Jones and Tarver have earned a place in boxing history. Tarver should change his ring to Kryptonite.  I was very disappointed Tarver, did not give Buddy McGirt a well-deserved thank you.  Emanuel may have the commentatorís position, but Buddy works the real magic. As I said, the King is dead.... long live the king.  I am proud to be a part of boxing. While others might put it down, trash it, disrespect it or ignore it. I would rather be doing this, than anything else in the world. If only my enthusiasm counted for something. It seems writing about boxing is just as corrupt as boxing itself. All the good spots are taken, depending on who you know, and being at the right place at the right time.  I received my second rejection to cover the De La Hoya vs. Strum/ Hopkins Vs Allen in Las Vegas.   According to Amy Zopfi, of Brener Zwikel and Associates, Inc. I did not make the cut, although she did wish me continued success. Wasnít that nice of her.  Still, my love for boxing helps me cope with disappointments. I keep working at my keyboard. Perhaps Iíll light a candle to the God of Boxing sports writers (whoever that is) and as they say ďbite the bulletĒ. Maybe, George Lopez, my comic hero, can use it in his routine. 

I am looking forward to the rematch. Although Jones said he had no interest in fighting Tarver again, Iím betting all those player haters out there, and all those people who love to see a great man fall, will be there to poke fun, tell jokes and make him miserable.  I doubt Jones, the warrior, will go quietly into the night.  I believe the next time he will prepare better. In the mean time, I have no complaints, who would listen anyway?  Thank God the rest of my life continues to be interesting outside of boxing. My adventures keep me amused.   Iím writing for a Chicano / Latino comic named Johnny Angel.  I attended a meeting of a comedy college class in San Francisco.  I was shocked. I felt like I had mistakenly walked into the gay and lesbian, West Coast Chapter of the Klu Klax Klan.  No kidding, I never knew gay people were just as bigoted, narrow mined and screwed up as those whom they claim discriminate against them.  To be honest, I donít know a lot gay people, but I donít get it. I mistakenly believed that if I were non judgmental; they would treat me the same way, like in the Golden Rule. You remember, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Well, those people must have never heard of it, because I felt as welcomed as a Nazi at a bar mitzvah.  However, I did as the bible says, and kicked the dust from my feet, and never looked back.  I assumed San Francisco was a city of open-minded people, man was I wrong.   Believe it or not, it reminded me of Texas. I had not felt so unwelcome since I left that fine state with 54 hate groups.  Paradoxically, we live in a state with 45 hate groups, as many as Georgia.  Now we have a Governor whose father was a Nazi Storm Trooper and his wife looks like sheís been in a concentration camp. Wow, is that just a coincidence. How thin, is thin enough? If bones are beautiful, Maria is a Goddess. Sheís so skinny she wouldnít even make good soup. I donít get it; she looks like a poster child for anorexia nervosa, or death camp survivor.  I canít be the only one that's noticed Maria, the first lady, appears to have an eating disorder. Now she wants a constitutional amendment to permit foreigners to be allowed to run for president.  I think her air diet is starting to have adverse effects on her. Or she and Hilary Clinton both want to be married to the President.  Iíll bet a few pounds of greasy French fries and a pound of red meat would fix it, all Iím saying is just one Mac Donald's a day, and sheíll be as healthily as the rest of us.  Just kidding, Thank God for boxing.... Iíll be back... 

Always in Your Corner,

Jorge A. Martinez