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Jorge's Corner
The Voice of Boxing in Central and Northern California


US National Boxing Team
Mexico’s National Boxing Team
SF Civic Auditorium
Oct. 30, 2005

Not since Oscar De La Hoya and Fernando Vargas met to duke it out, has there been as much buzz about an up coming fight to see who is the most “Macho”. The test of who is more man is a dominant theme in Mexican culture. As it was before, it will not be about who is the “most Mexican”, but who is the better fighter. All stereotypes will be put to the test. Some will be validated others will be cast aside. Fans are invited to watch young amateur lions square off to test their mettle. Mexico Vs USA

Amateur boxing is the very heart and soul of boxing. Future champions are now being created, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to witness what they have to offer. Boxing fans can rest assured these young warriors will bring their best. Dreams of riches and fame hang in the balance. Such dreams have drawn millions of hungry young men into the ring. On this day, boxers from a poor, third world country, will square off with citizens of the richest country in the world to test their mettle and make a drive for glory. Much has been said about the millions of their countrymen crossing our borders illegally, bringing crime and disease. On this day, these young lions arrive waving their flag and standing tall. Fight fans will witness a valiant, worthwhile struggle. All these Mexican fighters are decedents of the brave men and women who fought during the Mexican revolution, and later betrayed. These are the great, grand children of Pancho Villa’s dream of a better future. These young warriors are not here to accommodate or acculturate, they are here to do battle and risk it all. They come as modern day Don Quixote’s, dreaming the impossible dream. Society in general may look down upon people of Mexico, but on this day, these young lions will take center stage in front of millions in the televised event. On these days, they are heroes. On this day we will all be proud to say “I am Mexican!”

Most of the Mexican boxers I’ve seen have been poorly trained, and have little or no knowledge of fundamentals. However, they possess chins of stone, courage and rather die then surrender. Mexican American boxers are generally better trained, but lack the discipline to get into great shape, consequently they ran out of gas. The ingredient that seems consistent with their Mexican counter parts is a chin of stone, courage, and a mean street dog deposition. These warrior qualities are not always demonstrated. As those who witnessed Goosen’s last show in San Jose, August 18, 2005, which he called The Best Damn Night of Olympian Boxing that featured former Olympians. To my great disappointment none of them demonstrated those mythical powers they were suppose to possess. I was however, impressed with Goosen's ability to pick perfect tomato cans so that our former heroes could easily win.

Fans will recall I was disappointed with former Mexican Olympian, Juan de Dios Navarro who performed in a barley acceptable manner, and was luckily handed a tomato can to beat up on. I hope the Mexican boxers will bring more grit and guts to the table. They’ll have to, in order to maintain their positions. This is also true with the American Team. The position they hold on the day of the event is not guaranteed. They must continue to win in order to hold it. The Olympics are still very far away.

The road to the Olympics is a bumpy ride. Those whose goal is Beijing in 2008 must continue to dedicate themselves to this purpose, or risk losing their position. The Central Valley can boast one of it’s own on the team, we can also take heart that there are many Mexican American boxers from other parts of the state on the team. Readers should keep in mind there are many Olympic Myths, such as only the best are selected. And that fair play, honesty and good sportsmanship are regarded as all-important. In the end, it only comes down to winning. The losers are soon forgotten and cast aside. Ask Viencete Escobeo, who is doing great as a pro, but has been largely ignored by the Media since he failed to bring home the gold. According to weights these could be the matches we might expect. Please take note I am not the matchmaker, nor do I have any say-so over who is matched with whom. I am only suggesting that these are possible according to weight. Match One. Odilon De Jesus Zalea Reyes 106 lbs., 54 fights, 42 wins, with 12 losses and O Kos. Vs. David Gaspar of Wilmington CA, no stats. Boxing four years.

Match Two, Ramon Adolfo Garcia Hirales, 112 lbs., 65 fights, 50 wins, 15 losses with 20 KOs vs. Oscar Luis Veniegas of Maywood CA, no stats. Boxing four years.

Match Three, Jose Arturo Santos Reyes, 119 lbs., 90 fights 79 wins, 11 losses with 45 KOs vs. Rico Ramos, of Los Angeles, no stats. Boxing 10 years.

Match Four, Marco Antonio Lopez Balderas, 126 lbs., 100 fights 89 wins, 10 losses with 10 KOs Vs Richard Baltazar of Lynwood, CA, No stats.

Match Five, Francisco Javier Vargas Pelaez, 132 lbs.,73 fights, 61 wins, 12 losses with 20 KOs Vs. Miguel Garcia, Of Oxnard, Ca. No stats. Boxing 5 years.

Match Six, Luis Enrique Grajeda Ozaeta , 141 lbs. 45 fights , 37 wins 8 losses, 10 KOs, Vs. Hector Ramos of San Antonio TX, No stats, Boxing 8 years.

Match Seven; Noberto Gonzalez Gonzales, 152 lbs., 131 fights 110 wins, 21 losses 4 KOs Vs Santos Soto, of San Francisco, Ca. No stats, Boxing 3 years.

Match Eight, Marco Antonio Hernandez,165 lbs., 80 fights, 64 wins 16 losses, 45 KOs Vs Daniel Jacobs of Brooklyn, New York, No stats. Boxing 5 years

Match Nine, Jose Fernando Estrada Santoyo,178 lbs., 135 fights, 106 wins, 29 losses, Vs. Brandon Gonzales, of Sacramento, Ca, No stats. Boxing 3 years.

The individuals filling in as coaches for the US Team are Candy Lopez, Mario L’Esperance and Eddie Croft. Although this “sounds” important, it’s really an “honorary” position. These boxers come from all over the state, they gather to do battle and have very little time to be “coached ³, by anyone. It’s like wearing a combat ribbon and never having been in a war. It does give them bragging rights, but only with people outside of boxing, who don’t know how the politics work. From what I know of amateur boxing, these individuals must know people in high places. This is not to say they are not qualified, they may very well be, but that’s not how or why they are selected.

Fight Fans should call 415-643-9109 for tickets. Fans should remember amateur boxing is a business and all businesses are there to make money. No promoter would volunteer for such duty, if there were not money to be made. Fans should not be surprised to learn that tickets start at $25.00 in the Balcony to $150 for Special Ringside Package. This is as much as you would expect to pay for a professional event. In this case the promoter wants to be called “producer”. Imagine making millions on a fight and not having to pay the participants, now that is a great money making idea. No matter, what you call a duck, if it quacks waddles, and swims sitting up, it’s still a duck. However, we, should be happy such individuals exist, without their moneymaking schemes, we would not be able to enjoy boxing. Professional promoters should make take a lesson form Oscar Tenedora

Boxing fan in he Central Valley can gear up for another amateur boxing show at the Merced Fair grounds, 11/19/05 Call Eddie Campos at 209-384-9492.

Even with all that’s wrong with boxing, starting with California’s completely useless boxing commission, back room politics, egomaniacs, liars, cheaters and back stabbers. I’d rather be doing this than only one or two other things I can think of. As I’ve said hundreds of times before. Watch you’re back and Thank God for Boxing!

Always in Your Corner,

Jorge A. Martinez