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If you are looking for a manager, promoter or trainer or just want to contact a current or past champion, check out our Boxing Directory.  Don't forget to check out our Bookstore for books and videos and our Boxing Store for items that which will help you train to be the next Champion!  Good Luck!

Fresnillo, Zacatecas Borregos Salvajes-Fresnillo Boxing Club, ITESM Sede Fresnillo, Paseo del Mineral #109, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, Ph: 4.932.5153, Email:
Guerrero Pugilist International, Mz16 Lte 10 Calle 28 Colonia Gonzales, Guerrero, 77710 Playa del Carmen-Mexico, Ph: +529841506619 
Hermosillo, Sonora Boom Boxing Gym, Veracruz # 156 Suite 4, entre Gral. Pina y Cuernavaca, Colonia Sn. Benito, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Ph: 011(5262) 12.12.54
Santa Catarina N.L Francisco Martínez Club, Prol. Zaragoza 101-A Fracc. El Molino, Santa Catarina N.L, 66350, Mexico, Ph: (52) (01-8 )388-67-68
Piso Transito Mexico, D.F. Pancho Rosales Gym, Raul Cruz Xocongo 204 2º Piso Transito Mexico, D.F., 06820, Mexico, Ph: 525.740.5067 or 525.741.2525, Fax: 525.515.8060, Email:
Tacubaya, Distrito Federal Gimnasio de Box Lupita, rio becerra 32, Tacubaya, Distrito Federal, Mexico, Ph: 55157734


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