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Welcome to  We hope that you enjoy our exclusive boxing coverage and live boxing feeds updated as new information becomes available.  Don't forget to check out our worldwide directory of boxing gyms and clubs, the boxing bookstore, boxing autograph store, and our selection of boxing equipment.


Updated Boxing Directory released June 2019!  We have provided fans and the boxing industry with a directory for the sport of boxing since 1996.  This directory includes mailing addresses for boxers, managers, trainers, etc. Fans typically use this directory to request an autograph or to offer support or to congratulate their favorite boxer on a recent success.  Those in the industry use it to contact colleagues or for targeted mailings. We have received positive feedback from many and have won numerous awards.  Check out our site for additional details on the directory and how to obtain FREE Autographs from your favorite boxer.  The current printed directory updated in June 2019 contains 111 spiral bound pages with nearly 5000 addresses. Check out how to order your copy today!


If you’re preparing for a boxing match, or prepping for some other highly physical ordeal that requires tremendous overall fitness of the body, you’ll want to be sure that your exercise routine is perfectly suited to the task at hand. Exercise balls, also often referred to as Swiss balls, should be equipment that any boxer in training should have at the ready. Click here for a great article on exercise balls.  

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Death in the Ring by George Thomas Clark

The title of the book “Death in the Ring” should not be taken literally. Most boxers don’t die during fights. They survive their careers but are too often left brain damaged and vulnerable to many other maladies, medical and psychological. The book is not an indictment of boxing, but rather a celebration of the brave and talented men who in epic confrontations stir the souls of millions and thus persuade them to ignore the tragedies and premature deaths that await those who fight in the ring.

The sport of boxing has long captured the hearts and souls of millions. Its raw fury has been romanticized, its contenders glorified. But always in the background, there remains the dark reality of life after boxing: bodies battered and minds damaged beyond repair. The greatest enemy of the boxer is not his opponent, but the sport itself. Death in the Ring celebrates the bravery inherent in the sport of boxing. It’s a celebration of conquering fear and taking the greatest risk of all – self-sacrifice – for the glory of the sport.

The book offers a number of stories covering all boxing eras.  Stories are written from the fighter’s point of view and are not only about fights, but also about their families or life after boxing.  Fictional bouts are included.  You will find Jack Johnson Challenging Dempsey and the humorous Mandella versus Obama bout just to name a few.  The title of the book is a bit misleading as the stories are not about death but reflect more on the life of boxing.

I recommend this book to all boxing fans and personally enjoyed it from first page to last.  Anyone who enjoys reading boxing books will want to add to this book to their library.

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Are you looking for an elusive autograph or rare piece of boxing memorabilia.  You might want to check out Boxing Collector's News (BCN).  BCN is the only magazine in the world devoted exclusively to collecting boxing memorabilia and is in its 16th year of publication.


Ultimate Boxing Address List
The Ultimate Boxing Address List published by contains nearly 5000 mailing addresses related to the sport of boxing.  Fans  use the directory to request an autograph or to offer support or congratulate a boxer.  Most boxers will provide free autographs for their fans just by asking.  Those in the industry use it to contact colleagues or for targeted mailings.  Click here for more information.

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