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Preparing to Box During Your Free Time

If youíre preparing for a boxing match, or prepping for some other highly physical ordeal that requires tremendous overall fitness of the body, youíll want to be sure that your exercise routine is perfectly suited to the task at hand.  While many people preparing for these kinds of events have very strong fitness routines down that they stick to day-to-day, many of the same people donít know how to squeeze in extra workout time in-between their regular workout periods.  To be best prepared, when you have even fifteen spare minutes to train, you should.  Below, weíll go over a few ways to make those extra fifteen minutes count.

Use an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls, also often referred to as Swiss balls, should be equipment that any boxer in training should have at the ready.  If youíre sitting at home watching television, instead of just lounging on the couch, you can use an exercise ball to perform some abdominal exercises and several stretches, all the while being comfortably supported.  These balls are great because of how versatile they are and also because you can easily use one as a chair for quick resting periods.  Besides, being able to roll one out of the closet at home is easy, so you donít always need to head to the gym to get a quick jumpstart on your exercise for the day.

Build up that Endurance

Long distance running is a great way to build up endurance and stamina, both things a boxer needs plenty of in order to remain in fighting shape in the ring for as long as possible.  Though boxers who are training shouldnít overkill it on the long distance running, particularly if it cuts into time that could be spent on more applicable strength training and fighting practice, running a few miles whenever possible can be really helpful.  If, for example, you had a free hour on a Saturday morning, a quick run around the park or down some neighborhood streets are both positive approaches to take.

Anythingís Better than Nothing

If you ever have the choice between doing absolutely nothing and doing just about anything that could help you strengthen your core, increase your stamina, or fine-tune your punches, always go with the latter option.  Sure, a break here or there is fine, but if youíre preparing for a fight thatís coming up very soon, you donít want to let your guard down, even for a second.