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Great Boxing Book for Beginners


Check out this DVD!  Great for beginners...



Speed Bag The speed bag is used by boxers as a way to improve their hand speed and timing. Make sure that you purchase a top quality swivel as they will wear with use.  Leather bag gloves are recommended; the same bag gloves may also be used when using a heavy bag.

A small speed bag requires fast hands and more skill to properly master. When first starting out, recommends the selection of a larger speed bag.  As you practice and improve your skills it is recommend that you select smaller speed bag sizes.  A cost effective solution for beginners is to purchase a speed bag and platform set

A good book/video that provide guidance on how to use the speed bag is the “Speed Bag Bible”.  According to John Brown, Owner, Ringside Boxing; “The Speed Bag Bible is the definitive manual on speed bag training. The author is the leading authority on using the bag, and the best I have ever seen, hitting non-stop with all fists and elbows. Amazing!”

The Speed Bag Bible is available as a book or in DVD and VHS formats.  The Speed Bag Bible in DVD (or VHS Tape) offers more than 2 hours of instruction on punches, strikes combinations and more while the book offers 248 pages of written guidance.



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