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Ali vs. Frazier IV - Frazier vs. Ali

Turning Stone Casino Resort, Verona, NY
June 8, 2001

Well, did this fight live up to its billing?  Lou Duva prior to the fight said “that after the first round the critics will eat crow”.  And they did….  Even though Laila Ali (10-0, 8 KO's) and Jacqui Frazier-Lyde (7-1, 7 KO's) may not have possessed the same skill level that their fathers did in the original Ali-Frazier bouts, they did possess the strength and courage that made both of their father’s champions!  Fighting in front of almost 8,000 fans, Laila Ali (160 ¾), the seventh daughter of Muhammad Ali scored an eighth round majority decision over Jacqui Frazier-Lyde(164).  Judge Frankie Adams scored the eight round bout 79-73, while Don Ackerman scored it 77-75 and Tommy Hicks saw it even at 76.

Jacqui Frazier-Lyde was a much tougher opponent than Ali had expected.  Prior to the fight, Ali claimed she would give Frazier-Lyde a “whuping” and would "chase her out of the ring forever".  This did not happen and both fighters traded punches relentlessly throughout the fight.  They spent most of the bout trying to get a one-punch knockout and provided the fight fans with a bout they would never forget.  It was non-stop action for eight rounds and Ali at the post fight press conference admitted that she did not stick to her game plan though was happy to pull out the win fighting Frazier’s fight.  Ali "didn't know what Jacqui could take or what to expect from her" since many of Jacqui’s fights ended early due to knockouts.

So what’s next?  A rematch?  Well, it appears not for now.  Ali requested that there be a no rematch clause in their fight contract as she wants some championship belts around her waist prior to any rematch.  Ali will not have problems finding someone to fight as many potential opponents were rumored to be in attendance at the fight.  Frazier mentioned that if Laila does not want a rematch then she is going to fight Freida George Forman.  

This boxing event coincided with the International Boxing Hall of Fame weekend held in Canastota, NY.  In attendance were over 50 current an past boxing champions including Joe Frazier, Felix “Tito” Trinidad, Sugar Ray Leonard, Aaron Pryor, Alexis Arguello, Michael Spinks, Leon Spinks, Carmen Basillio and many others.

The undercard results are as follows:

Cruiserweight - 4 rds
James Izzard (2-2) unanimous decision over Henry Ratrey (5-2)

Jr. Middleweight - 6 rds
Gary Jones (18-1) unanimous decision over Giorbis Barthelemy (20-6-1)

Jr. Middleweight - 10 rds
Bronco McKart (44-3) unanimous decision over Mitchem (19-4-1)

Super Middleweight - 10 rds
Omar Sheika (23-2) TKO 7 Lionel Ortiz (22-8-1)

Heavyweight - 10 rds
Monte Barrett (25-2) unanimous decision over Tim Witherspoon (51-11-1)

Reported by:  David Dylis, Editor,,

One of the top five tourist attractions in New York, Turning Stone Casino Resort is located just off New York State Thruway Exit 33 in Verona (about 30 miles east of Syracuse).  For ticket information on upcoming fights, contact the Showroom Box Office at (877) 833-SHOW or (315) 361-SHOW.


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