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Jorge's Corner
The  Voice of Boxing in Central and Northern California

Topless Ring Girls PAL Boxing Event
Stockton, CA - March 2007

Underage Children Exposed to Topless Ring Girls
at Central CA Boxing Association

Police Chief and Mayor Humiliated, Outrage From the Community

Never has so much attention been paid to amateur boxing in Stockton California. However, according to an NBC Sports writer, Alan Abrahamson, Frank Dobales, the representative and coach for the Stockton PAL, along with the organization known as the Downtown Sportsman Association, held a private invitation only, amateur boxing event where Topless Ring girls were the main attraction. According to the same report, underage children were exposed leaving parents in an outrage. Frank Dobales has earned his name in boxing history as the first amateur coach to use Topless Ring Girls at an amateur event.

Frank Dobales

The entire boxing community, including the California Boxing Commission, and representatives of the international boxing organizations are outraged that elderly Frank Doblales, the coach, allegedly agreed to the event. Dozens of outraged citizens are screaming for his immediate termination, and are urging criminal charges be filed. Many are baffled; unable to believe he did not see this as inappropriate. He was once considered a role model and placed in the Hispanic Hall of Fame.

Stockton has once again managed to outdo itself when it comes to bad news, bad examples, and bad behavior. Frank Dobales, Mr. Boxing, has added another black eye to the already badly beaten image of Stockton. Weíve had a corrupt Sheriff, politicians, gangs, high unemployment, and city managers who spent--and lost--millions. Now we have Topless Ring Girls demonstrating their bosoms to underage children. The city has added to its Wild West reputation, thanks to the thoughtlessness of the Central California Boxing Association leadership, who sanctioned the event. Thanks to their deplorable leadership, we can add topless ring girls to its history of blunders. Readers should be reminded, even Las Vegas draws the line at exposing underage children to bare bosoms.

In my travels, including many third world countries, I have never heard of anything like this. I have never seen topless ring girls, not even in Sin City. Not even those jaded, money-grabbing gamblers expose children to bare-chest women. Not even in Nevada where one can find legal prostitution, has anyone seen topless ring girls.

Leaders from across the country have voiced their outrage. To add insult to injury, not only was the show held at a city facility, it was supported, and attended by leaders from Stocktonís alleged Christian Community, or at least its wealthy citizens. Lots of money was raised and according to Michael Fitzgerald, they should keep the money. According to the Stockton Record, PAL has returned $3,000. According to Fitzgerald, whatís the harm in youngsters looking at topless ring girls, if they are already pounding each other senseless. Mikey then called Topfree Equal Rights Association for women who go topless. According to them, there are no studies that indicate a young man will be damaged by nudity. He mentions Janet Jacksonís breast exposure. It seems that showing your boobs is ok. I have a question for my former journalistic hero: "Hey Mike, how about the childrenís innocence"? What would you say if men were exposing themselves to children?" Where do you draw the line? Oh yeah, itís also against the law, Mikey.

Frank with Tony during his last fight

Some are asking why Frank Dobales, 77-year old Louis Jordan, of the Central California Boxing Association, co-signed the event if they knew topless ring girls would be part of the show. Critics are saying the show could not have taken place without their knowledge. Keep in mind Mr. Jordan allegedly is an elected USA Boxing Official. He allegedly pulls the strings in the Central California Boxing Association. Questions are being hurled at the Chief of Officials, demanding to know how he could have participated in an illegal event. Questions are being hurled at USA Boxing headquarters in Colorado Springs. Some are wondering how is it possible that alleged, mature adult men could allow underage children to witness bare-breasted women prancing about the ring? Others feel disappointed and betrayed.

The main question is how could these men consider this appropriate behavior?

Some Central California residents are demanding immediate termination of the president, the chief of officials, secretary, and any officer who knowingly supported this violation of trust. Whether these terminations take place or not, no one will ever look at these men the same way. Most are lost for words, and unable to comprehend how these men, who are always quick to point out rules to everyone, participated in such behavior. These are allegedly the same individuals who have used the rules to cow, oppress, and squash anyone who challenges them. These are the same men who were once believed to be the standard bearers and code enforcers of amateur boxing.

As a member of Central California Boxing Association, and a former Central California Boxing official, I am disappointed, but not surprised, that events have deteriorated to this degree. As a sportswriter covering boxing in California, I have had problems with underdressed adult females being used as ring girls during amateur shows. For years, those who have read my coverage of Amateur events know things have not been going well in the Central California Boxing Association. As matter of opinion amongst its many members, who are forced to join due to present rules, things stink. Many would prefer to join Northern or Southern association, but are unable to do so due to USA Boxing rules. It comes as no surprise that it was Frank Dobales, Mr. Boxing, and member of the Hispanic Hall of Fame in Stockton, who allegedly stepped over the line. However, it was only with the approval of current Central California Boxing officials. I have personally witnessed shows put on by Dobales in which ring girls displayed too much skin in front of underage children. I stated my position years ago. My disapproval and reporting of Central California boxing events was met with my being blacklisted by Central California Boxing Association officers. Members of the leadership told coaches not to speak to me, or share information regarding boxing in Central Boxing Association. As a result, I was shunned, and treated like a leper for calling it what it was. Inappropriate and Wrong.

It is difficult to believe that USA Boxing of Colorado Springs would tolerate such conduct. It is even more difficult to believe the current Chief of officials, Andy Murietta, who points out rules to everyone, and my former boss, would knowingly participate. I find it hard to believe any of these men, who pride themselves in their positions as USA Boxing Representatives, would participate in such behavior.

Child Protective Services (CPS) might suggest everyone involved was complacent in exposing children to an inappropriate, sexually explicit event. CPS might add that under California Law every one of these men is guilty. It might suggest that a grand jury is formed and this matter is addressed. It could suggest that the District Attorney file charges against everyone who helped stage the event. It could further suggest that these men be removed from their positions as USA Boxing representatives.

Everyone should be held accountable. The question is who will be the fall guy? Who will be held accountable and what will the aftershock be? How will this affect the already fragile condition of Central California Boxing Association? Will it be allowed to continue to exist, or will it be removed?

According to Alan Abrahamson, 15-year old Gonzalo Riquielme has had his innocence stripped away. Opponents of Olympic style boxing in the United States can point at this and say "Wrong!" Some have suggested that The Downtown Sportsmanís Club bow its head in shame. Its members should be exposed. According to California law, everyone involved is an accomplice.

Armando Garcia, head of the California Athletic Commission, described it as "distasteful." The California Boxing Commission who oversees all boxing in the state might take charge, thereby removing the need for elected Central California Boxing Association officials or USA Boxing.

Not everyone involved feels remorse. Mike Haley, a Stockton Banker, allegedly said, "There was nothing inappropriate, other than a couple of ring girls had their tops off by the end of the night.". Others donít agree, like Michigan Athletic director, and former President of the US Olympic Committee, who said, "Iím embarrassed for the sport." Tom Virgets, the chairman and director at the US Naval Academy said, "Itís unbelievable."

According to the report 77-year old Mr. Louis Jordan has scheduled regional boxing events without proper notice to Northern California Clubs, leaving boxers like James Zimmerman, of San Francisco, feeling sandbagged. According to one of the coaches, it appears that the plan from the beginning was to have the girls appear topless at some point during the night. Pete Padilla of Fairfield, one of the coaches, was told to stay behind the screen by Frank Dobales, but never told him the women would be topless. Perhaps a minor detail to Frank, who allegedly normally gets ring girls from topless bars.  One might wonder why nearly naked women are necessary at amateur shows?

Boxing Coach Paul Wade of San Francisco, said, "The women just appeared in the ring and went past his shoulder." The winner of that bout, Melissa McMorrow, a 25-year-old San Francisco architect, said, "To me, it was just a slap in the face." Her outrage is shared by many that love boxing but hate the ugliness of its dark side.

According to the report, Mr. Louis Jordan the 77-year-old representative of USA Boxing, who allegedly sanctioned the event, left before any bosoms were exposed, and feels the entire matter is of no consequence. He states that since there was no "intentional harm" done, no one should be held accountable. Seemingly, it appears Mr. Jordan finds nothing inappropriate. Keep in mind, this is the USA Boxing representative, in charge of enforcing the rules. Evidently, it seems exposing children to topless ring girls is no big deal. Whoever said age equates to wisdom should get a load of this.

Those interested in reading the story by Alan Abrahamson, should go to NBC This story will have many new chapters as heads begin to roll, and everyone runs for cover. Thanks to Frank Dobales, once called Mr. Boxing, and member of the Hispanic Hall of Fame, Stockton is once again the center of negative attention, suspicion, and national disdain. This event has harmed boxing and is helping its decline. Some might suggest that perhaps Mr. Boxing should be removed from the Hispanic Hall of Fame for failing to meet minimal standards as a role model.

As a member of Central California Boxing Association, but not a member of the inner clique, I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the men in charge of enforcing standards and maintaining proper decorum are the men ones who let us down. It is common knowledge that total power corrupts totally. Look at what has happened to our President. After two terms in office, he has mistakenly come to believe he owns the authority awarded him by his position. This is true of most of the leadership of Central California Boxing Association. They have been calling the shots and running the show for so long, theyíve come to believe they are the show. I predicted this would happen years ago. These misguided men have harmed boxing, more than anyone who has stolen money or broken the rules. They have brought shame to the sport, said to represent the best in American values. Once again, it seems itís time to make hard choices. The easiest thing to do is just sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened. But the sad truth is that a complete overhaul of the system is necessary, and term limits should be imposed for all officials of amateur boxing. These men have assumed they are the authority. Their arrogance has undermined them. It has been true throughout history. Sadly, itís the very same people they were placed there to represent--the kids who have suffered the most. The absence of character is never difficult to discern. Once again, the Peter Principal and Murphyís Law have come in to play. People rise to their level of incompetence; and if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Once again, even in light of this foolishness, I gotta say,
Thank God for Boxing

See You Ringside,
Jorge A. Martinez


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